Campaign approval or rejection remains at Addiliate sole discretion, active campaigns are constantly reviewed by our Compliance team and may be stopped at anytime without prior notice.

  • In such cases, Advertisers shall not be entitled to the refunds of the balance remaining on their Addiliate account and will be forced to pay any outstanding amounts.
  • In case a Advertiser campaign, creative or landingpage does not comply with the law in any country where the campaign is available the Advertiser takes full responsibility for any complain, claim or fine as a consequences of this manipulation.
  • If the Advertiser manipulates a campaign, creative or landingpage and does no longer comply with the Advertiser Guidelines below the advertiser takes full responsibility for any complain, claim or fine as a consequences of this manipulation.
  • Additionally Advertiser will be forced to a non-refundable €5000 fine paid to Addiliate for any damages occured.

All advertising campaigns must follow the general guidelines listed below:

  • Campaigns containing Malware/Phishing are not permitted.
  • Campaigns containing Browser lockers/Ransomware are not permitted.
  • Backjacking and Auto redirection (forcing the visitor away from the publisher site) are not permitted.
  • Fake Scareware Alerts are not permitted.
  • Any auto download or auto subscription products are not permitted.
  • Promotion of alcohol, tobacco or drugs is not permitted.
  • Gambling or online betting products are not permitted in campaigns targeting the United States.
  • The imitation of any of Addiliate publisher website is not permitted.
  • Any banners or popups/popunders that automatically play audio are not permitted.
  • A user must be allowed the option of opting out of additional offers in any subscriptions to a product
  • A user must be informed about the price and conditions of a subscriptions to a product before he agrees on the subscription.
  • Banners & landing pages must be 18 U.S.C. 2257 compliant.
  • Any visual representation of sexual activities:
    • By any persons, real or imaginary, under the age of 18 years
    • Any content that displays a person portrayed under the age of 18 years and is engaged, or portrayed as engaged, in explicit sexual activities
  • Campaign material containing the following acts are not permitted: extreme violence, abuse, rape, blood, incest, scatophilia, urination, bestiality.


All creatives that are defined as deceptive or misleading will be rejected. Specifically, but not limited to:

  1. Banners must not use content that infringes on copyright or trademark laws.
  • The context and concept of an ad must be related to the landing page
  • Flashing colors or blinking ads that have a high contrast in comparison to the site must not be used on animated ads
  • The ad must not contain any button that may appear to facilitate the ads closure
  • The following are misleading:
  • Ads or banners that contain misleading exit boxes (close buttons such as an ‘x’ icon, ‘cancel’ or ‘skip ad’ buttons, etc. are not permitted)
  • Ads or banners that display fake virus alerts
  • Ads or banners that contain drop down menus or check boxes
  • Ads or banners that imitate mobile phone elements
  • Ads or banners that imitate Microsoft Windows elements
  • Ads or banners that display fake calls/notifications
  • Ads or banners that ask disclaimer questions, such as “are you 18+?”
  • Ads or banners that mimic fake video players
    • Misleading ad elements mimicking “play video” buttons are not allowed on interstitial and on-pause ad spots (on other ad spots, play button (animated or not) with content (animated or not) is acceptable)
    • Any of the following text in any language is not under any circumstances permitted on ads or banners:

Landing Page or prelander Rules:

  • Your landing page should provide some form of content, being text, pictures or videos
  • Pharmaceuticals Landing Pages must contain the phrase “Consult your doctor.”
  • We allow marketing in the shape of articles, tutorials, blogs, etc. With these marketing methods it should be clear to the user that this is part of the marketing materials.