CAKE conversion tracking

CAKE conversion tracking

CAKECAKE Conversion tracking guide

Addiliate is listed as a trusted affiliate network in CAKE.

As a result, the CAKE server-to-server postback URL or client-side pixels which are required to track conversions between the two platforms is accessible within a matter of a few clicks.

Set up the tracking URL in CAKE 

First step is to get your postback URL out of CAKE in order to implement that one in Addiliate so Addiliate can communicate with CAKE.

  • Your basic Postback should look like this:

We allow up to 5 additional parameters always formatted at %add1% / %add2% / %add3% / %add4% / %add5%

Get the Addiliate tracking URL and implement the CAKE Postback URL in Addiliate

Important note: This first time when you setup a pixel or postback tracking your Account Manager will have to add you to Addiliate, so please contact your AM the first time. Afterwards you can do it yourself like described below:

Step 1: Go the campaign you want to run

Step 2: Click on ‘Get URL’




In case you already have access to the campaign you can proceed directly but otherwise:

  • Click on ‘Get URL’ to activate the campaign OR
  • Click on ‘Apply to Run’ in order to get access to the campaign. Your AM will review your application ASAP.

Step 3: Click on the ‘+’ under ‘Tracking Pixel’

  • If this is your first pixel setup you will get a message to contact your AM.

Step 4: If you have set up pixels before you will see the screen below with your default variables prefilled. In case you need to edit something you can do this and if not, just click on Save. 

  • Lead provider = you
  • Parameters to use = this is the parameter you will append to your tracking URL. We allow up to 5 parameters to be added in the URL like
    • add1
    • add2
    • add3
    • add4
    • add5
  • Pixel code = this is the field where you should paste your conversion tracking URL (s2s Postback or client-side pixel) = 
    • In case you want to receive back additional parameters you can use the ‘available parameters’
  • Testlink (optional) = in case you have a default testlink you can put it there.








Step 5: Now copy (clipboard) the ‘Tracking URL’ that you will have to implement in CAKE in order to send the traffic there.

Set up the Addiliate tracking URL in CAKE and start sending traffic

 Now you are ready to setup the tracking in CAKE and start sending traffic to the campaigns.

 Important note: CAKE’s predefined postback URL for Addiliate uses their ‘%add1%’ token. As such, it’s important to use the corresponding parameter ‘add1’ to pass CAKE’s  #reqid# at the end of and offers’ query string.

  • Example Addiliate offer URL with Append transaction_id to offer URLs option active: URL:


Ready to send traffic

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