Approval period explanation

In campaign details you can find a field called ‘Approval period’. This field indicates how many days a Advertiser has to approve conversions after the month ended. As an example: If

My Campaigns

In the Campaign tab you can find the header ‘My campaigns’. If you click on this header you only find the campaigns you are running instead of all campaigns you

Show advanced search filters

In the campaigns tab by default the most used filters are being displayed. In case you want to use additional -more advanced- filters, just click the button ‘Advanced targeting’ or

How to find the right campaigns

Addiliate offers a large variety of campaigns from advertisers of different verticals. To find the right ads for your website or database, you can simplify your search by selecting the

Campaign details

This is where you can find all the information on the selected campaign


This is where you can find the materials of the campaign. Creatives are divided in 4 types: Banners Email Creatives Logo’s Textlinks If it is an Email campaign, it will


Here you can find all the details of your conversions.

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