Payment options

Payment options

In admin you can indicate your payment details, we provide two options to get paid:

  1. Automatic payments:
    • One time setup: 
      • In the Payments tab you select ‘Automatic Payments’ and you indicate your payment details (Paypal, Payoneer or Bank Wire (only for companies)) and put the correct Beneficiary name.
    • Each month:
      • We create each month a document with the approved results for that month.  You do not have to send us your invoice.
      • We pay automatically all approved results each Wednesday. 
  2. Normal payments
    • You sent us your invoice for the approved results each month. You can see if results are already approved in the billing tab ‘pending results‘. Also in the campaign details pages you can see the maximum approval times per campaign which can vary between 5 and 30 days after the month end.
    • On your invoices always indicate:
      • Month/Year
      • Campaign details
      • Wire or Paypal details
    • We pay according to the payment terms after we received the invoice.
Provider Currency Threshold Transfer fee*
Payoneer USD $ 100 free
Paypal EUR € 100 free
Bank wire (only for companies) EUR € 100 free

* This is the transfer fee we charge for making the payment. Your Bank, Paypal or Payoneer might charge you for receiving the payment.

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