Publisher Billing

Publisher Billing

On Publisher Billing, there are filters for Year and Month. There is an additional important filter which is called Display Campaign Details. You use this filter if you want to see the results split up per campaign. If you don´t use this filter, you will get the overall results.

There are 3 main tabs:

Pending Results: Here you can find all pending and approved results. Pending results are not validated yet by the advertiser and approved results will be paid after being processed.

  • After the results are validated by the advertisers you can see the approved results there
  • If you are on normal payments you can send us a invoice for the approved results
  • If you are on auto payment your account manager will process these results and make sure they get ready for payment.

Pending Payments: Here you can find all pending payments.

  • If you are on normal payments and you have sent us the invoice, this amount will be paid within the payment terms.
  • If you are on auto payments we will pay you the amount on the next auto payment date.

Paid invoices. Here you can get an overview of all the invoices we have received from you and their status. You can see when your invoices have been paid. This information has been updated from January 2014 onwards.

We are able to transfer money to publishers by:

  • Wire transfer
  • Paypal
  • Payoneer

In case of doubts, please send your account manager a quick message and he/she will help you.

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