Publisher Tracking

Publisher Tracking



When you click on a campaign for the campaign details, you will find all necessary information for tracking a campaign at Get URL:

  • Channel name. The channel that will be used for the campaign.
  • Price. Price per unit, depending on the payment model (price per click/lead/action).
  • Daily Cap: the amount of conversions/clicks/impressions you can do per day
  • Monthly Cap: the amount of conversions/clicks/impressions you can do per month
  • Total Cap: the amount of conversions/clicks/impressions you can do in total
  • Tracking code:  Value identifying a placement for a specific campaign.
  • Pixel code third party: If you add a third party, this will show the pixel code of the third party. Click here for more information on how to add a third party pixel.
  • Sub id: Here you can indicate the subid that you want to use in order to subdivide your traffic. You are able to add unlimited sub id’s.
  • Tracking URL: This is the link that you have to use for the campaign, in order to track it. If you haven´t applied for the campaign yet, you will see “Apply for Campaign”.


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